Virginia Tea Company - Organic Tea


In February of 2016, I had a great idea. I love tea, and so does most of the world. Quality tea tastes amazing and is incredibly beneficial to your health. Though, isn’t it odd that tea is most drank beverage in the world (except water), but it isn’t in America? Well, I wanted to change that.

But how?  Like I said, I love tea. All teas. Herbal, caffeinated, desert! I have done a lot of research on tea and I decided to use that research to make tea intriguing for Americans. The tea leaf, camellia sinensis, was my first obstacle. After discovering Fair Trade, I could not look back. I knew tea was grown in countries that do not treat their workers fairly. Fair Trade ensures that is not the case. USA Fair Trade was extremely helpful in the certification process! Then, it was onto the herbs.

Finding organic herbs was not easy, but the benefits paid off greatly. I had to find herbs that not already a powder. Then I realized the answer was right in my front of me: local herbs. A few partnerships later, and I was in business!

In Summer 2016, I launched a Kickstarter campaign. The goal was to raise $10,000 for start-up costs. I told myself early on that if I didn’t raise that amount, I would not start the company. Well, America pulled through! I successfully raised $10,908.

This company is very young, but quickly learning and loving every minute of it. Any comments or inquiries are highly encouraged as we continue to grow and show America that how amazing and beneficial tea is!

The Virginia Tea Company is proud to be a certified Fair Trade and certified USDA Organic company.

Please visit our Market and enjoy your tea experience!

Marisa Lightfoot, Founder of The Virginia Tea Company